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A Shot At Faith

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Myles Miracle

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Love Takes Time (Sci-Fi/RomCom/Adventure)

By: Carl D. Lord &

Vin Morreale, Jr.

Logline: A young astrophysicist, about to be erased from history after he has time traveled back to the Elizabethan era, struggles to find a way back to the 21st Century with his newfound love, Shakespeare's Juliet.

Plot Summary: On a quest to become the first human to time travel, loveless astrophysicist, Blaine Prescott has an even greater goal - to find true love. After he teleports back to 16th Century England, Blaine rescues alluring pub waitress, Shakespeare's Juliet from a drunken ruffian. Smitten, Blaine and the Elizabethan beauty begin to fall in love. Now stranded by a quantum phase malfunction, Blaine knows that history can eliminate him as he races against time to find a way back to the future with his newfound love.

Tagline: True love defies the boundaries of time. 


​(Atlanta Comedy Film Festival - Finalist)

(Wiki Screenplay Contest - Finalist)
(Fade In Awards - Semi-Finalist)
(NYC International Screenplay Awards - Semi-Finalist)
(Scriptation Showcase Competition - Semi-Finalist)

(Stage 32 Feature Screenplay Contest -Quarter-Finalist)



Myles Miracle


By: Carl D. Lord

Logline: A hell-bent Navy Seal must confront his own eternal destiny when he reluctantly joins forces with a Marine sniper turned preacher to battle a sadistic drug lord who ordered his girlfriend's heinous murder.

Plot Summary: Former football star and Navy Seal, Myles "Miracle" McLean is on a mission to avenge the murder of his fiancée, Katie Sinclair. Blaming God for allowing her death, Myles cautiously teams up with ex-Marine sniper, Reverend Ben Stone as they embark on a journey of suspense, danger, and faith to hunt down those responsible for her death.

Tagline: Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

(Christian Online Film Festival - Finalist)

A Shot At Faith (Inspirational Drama)

By: Carl D. Lord


Logline: Faith and basketball inspire a forsaken young man to achieve a series of improbable goals, both on and off the hardwood with miraculous results.

​​Plot Summary: Mitchell Craig, a reverent and prized basketball recruit has three goals. One. Earn the love of his self-destructive mother, Betsy Craig. Two. Find his long-lost dad. Three. Win a championship. After Mitchell misses the game-winning shot in his high school's regional final, little does he realize the journey to achieve at least one of his goals is about to begin.  



​Tagline: Basketball was just a game; finding out the truth became his goal. 

(Christian Online Film Festival - Winner)(Kairos Prize - Semi-Finalist)

(Stage 32 Feature Screenplay Contest - Semi-Finalist)

(All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival - Semi-Finalist)
(Screen Craft Family Screenplay - Quarter-Finalist)



(Inspirational Family Drama)

By: Carl D. Lord

Logline: A dysfunctional high school track team struggles to realize their potential until a small group of special needs students teaches their egotist counterparts what real competition is.


Plot Summary: Clermont High School's, Fantasia Dupree, the defending state sprint champion, and her self-centered teammate, Simone Simmons, have set a goal to deride and embarrass their unsuspecting and overlooked, Unified teammates. The roles are reversed when this sometimes comical group of special needs students defies their own limitations and disabilities, making them a shinning example of what a champion is!


Tagline: Courage isn't defined by strength or speed, but by a will to never quit.

(Wiki Screenplay Contest - Semi-Finalist)


Life's Curve (Drama/Romance)

By: Carl D. Lord

Logline: An American baseball star must race against time to fulfill a surprising request by his former Irish girlfriend who is dying.

Plot Summary: Major league pitcher and eligible single father, Ethan David always felt that Maura Dougall would be a part of his life. After their breakup a decade earlier, Maura suddenly requests that they meet back in Ireland to discuss a commitment she is now willing to make. Ethan, still bitter, finally relents as he and his eight-year-old son, Christopher jet off to the Emerald Isle where Maura delivers a tragic revelation and monumental request.

Tagline: Reconciliation meets the untimely act of fate.

(Qaxaca Filmfest - Finalist)

(Feel The Reel International Film Festival - Finalist)

(Wexford Film Festival - Finalist)

(Dublin World Film Festival - Semi-Finalist)


The Official Website of Screenwriter, Author, and Composer

Carl Lord



Carl Lord’s early love of literature began as a child after reading his first Hardy Boys mystery. Those early years of journaling and writing creative short stories have evolved into Carl's work appearing in national magazines, regional commercials, and local publications. Having completed several feature length scripts, Carl has also written a fictional novel and personal memoir.

An accomplished musician, Carl has played on numerous albums, film scores, and commercials while sharing the stage with such well-known recording artists as Steve Wairner, Reba McEntire, Louise Mandrel, Blue's veteran James Peterson, and John Anderson. Carl has also recorded with Grammy award winner, the late Lynn Peterzell, whose engineering credits include Giant Records, Clint Black, and the country remake of the "Eagles Greatest Hits." With a background in college athletics, Carl is also an assistant track and cross-country coach at Spalding University and Eastern High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Carl's Music

                  (Film and Television)


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A poignant masterpiece, "Dear Gavin" details Carl's controversial journey of becoming an unwed father and the monumental challenges that are to follow.

"Dear Gavin" is not only a story of carnal failure, but of forgiveness, hope, and unlikely triumph. Carl's confessional honesty allows the reader to glimpse into the heart of a man whose devotion and loyalty are dramatically demonstrated, in every step of his adventure toward single-fatherhood.

"Dear Gavin" is a timely reminder of how strong and important a father's love can be. A rare offering of literary innocence and emotion, this story calls out to that little boy or girl in each of us to once again come out and play.

(Coming 2023)

A modern love story set in Ireland, reminiscent of “A Walk To Remember,” by Nicholas Sparks and “Beaches,” by Iris Rainer Dart. 

(Chapter Excerpt)
It has been ten years since I saw Maura Dougall, but our once torrid past remained undeniable and hauntingly irrepressible. Maura and I had still corresponded over the last decade through sporadic emails and occasional letters, but until her unexpected, urgent call last month, I had not even thought about retuning back to Ireland or ever seeing her again. Unusually remorseful, Maura genuinely conveyed how much she regretted ever leaving me, but hoped that we could possibly reunite or at least revive our once vibrant friendship that had lain dormant much too long. Mysteriously vague, she also mentioned something about changes that had taken place, but would only offer an explanation face to face.

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